A crowd-sourced art marketplace that makes it easier than ever to purchase unique, affordable art.

Who is



Alpha’a is a crowdsourced art marketplace that connects artists with companies looking to enhance their workspaces with visual art. Alpha’a was founded in 2016 by Manuela Seve and Renata Thome with the goal of making it easier to purchase affordable, eye-catching artwork while supporting the talented artists who create it. Ultimately, Alpha’a’s dream is to become the biggest art collective in the world.

What Does



Alpha’a’s platform offers an online art gallery where companies and collectors can purchase unique art from over 9,000 artists. Artists can submit their artwork for review, and popular pieces are then placed in the Alpha’a gallery to be sold. This gives artists the ability to sell their work, as they receive royalties for each piece sold, as well as showcase their talents and gain visibility. 

Alpha’a is a great resource for large companies looking to decorate their businesses, particularly those in the hotel and hospitality industries. Because Alpha’a offers crowdsourced artwork by a wide variety of artists, they have works of many different styles and color schemes. Companies can search based on style, color, and type to fit their aesthetic desires. All works are produced on demand, so they can be customized to fit customers’ needs.

What Can


Do For You?

Alpha’a serves two communities: artists and collectors.

If you’re an artist, you can submit your artwork to Alpha’a for review. Popular artwork will be produced as prints and placed in the Alpha’a Gallery to be sold, and you will receive a royalty for each of your works that are purchased. In addition to being a valuable place to sell your work, it’s a great opportunity to gain visibility and recognition. 

If you’re a collector, Alpha’a makes it easy to purchase dynamic, affordable artwork. You can set up your profile and visit their gallery to start your search. You can narrow your search results by style, type, and color to find the perfect piece. And because each piece is produced on demand, you can customize your selected artwork based on size and finishing to fit your needs. 

How Can You Get Involved

If you’re an artist, you can get started by submitting your artwork for review here. Pieces that receive enough votes will be made available to purchase, and you’ll receive a royalty for each piece sold.

If you’re a collector, you can visit Alpha’a’s gallery here. You can filter your search results to fit your criteria so it will be easy to find the piece you’re looking for. You can also vote for artwork that you like, and if it does well, you’ll soon have the opportunity to purchase it. 

Finally, if you’re excited about what Alpha’a is doing to shake up the art industry, you can invest in the company here. It’s the perfect way to get involved and support the art community!

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