An innovative company using artificial intelligence to empower businesses to improve their product development and drive sales

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Commerce.AI harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to help companies develop great products and bring them to market. Co-foundersAndy Pandharikar, Nate Orlin, Lu Feng, and Gonçalo Gil formed the company with the mission to change the way commerce is done using machine learning. Their Deep Product Learning® platform has the potential to revolutionize commerce with the ability to read, see, hear, and understand product feedback at scale.

What Does



Commerce.AI uses their Deep Product Learning platform to empower businesses to improve their product development, performance, and sales in four ways.

First, Commerce.AI scans the internet, including everything from product catalogs to customer reviews, to identify potential new products and trends in the marketplace. This data can help companies offer improved customer shopping experiences. Next, by identifying new product facets, attributes, and content gaps, Commerce.AI can enhance the quality of SEO and marketing efforts.

Once a product has been launched, Commerce.AI’s automated data-gathering and analysis provides essential information to help businesses focus on their overall strategy. And finally, the Commerce.AI platform learns what works best for specific companies and offers tools to make the next product even better.

What Can


Do For You?

Commerce.AI can have an incredible impact on your company’s ability to develop and market new products. It gives you the ability to use automated machine learning to understand exactly what’s happening in your industry, develop products using data to guide your decisions, and even enhance the content you create for your products.

Here are just a few of the areas in which Commerce.AI can help you optimize your efforts:

·     Market research

·     Product management

·     Packaging

·     Merchandising

·     Branding

·     Digital marketing

·     Website experience

Best of all, the Deep Product Learning platform continuously learns about your company and what’s important for the growth of the entire organization. That means that as you continue to use the platform, it becomes more and more effective!

How Can You Get Involved

Are you excited to use Commerce.AI to take your company’s products to the next level? Visit their website here to get started! You’ll find in-depth information about how they can help your company. You can even request a demo so you can see their platform for yourself!

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