Digital Dream Labs

A robotics company that makes creative, innovative toys, robots, and puzzles that are fun for all ages

Who is

Digital Dream Labs


Digital Dream Labs is a dynamic, innovative company that creates robots and interactive puzzle games to engage people of all ages and backgrounds. Digital Dream Labs was founded by Jacob Hanchar with the goal of using robots to solve some of humanity’s biggest challenges and make life easier and more fun.

What Does

Digital Dream Labs


Digital Dream Labs creates innovative robots, puzzles, and games. They can be used to teach people about STEM, provide companionship, help out in day-to-day living, and most importantly, have fun.

Digital Dream Labs offers these creations:

·     Vector: a voice-activated companion robot that can answer questions, take pictures, show the weather, and more

·     Cozmo: a robot that nudges owners to play and evolves the more time they spend with him

·     Overdrive: an interactive driving game that uses robotic supercars to race, battle, and more

·     Puzzlets: interactive puzzle games designed to make learning about STEM fun

All of these products are designed to engage a wide variety of people, so regardless of age, technological know-how, and background, everyone can benefit from Digital Dream Labs’s creations.

What Can

Digital Dream Labs

Do For You?

Digital Dream Labs has a lot to offer, whether you’re looking to play fun, creative driving games using Overdrive or make your life a little easier and more exciting with robots Cozmo and Vector. Cozmo is a ton of fun and will learn and evolve the more you play with him, and Vector can help perform simple tasks in your daily routine. You’ll love being able to add robotics right into your life.

For educators, Puzzlets can be a valuable tool in teaching your students about science and math. They combine hands-on play with interactive gaming to create a fun, exciting experience centered around STEM lessons. You can design your own lesson plans, and when you purchase Puzzlets, you’ll receive course curriculum tools that will offer ideas you can integrate. It’s the perfect way to add some excitement to your classroom.

How Can You Get Involved

To learn more about Cozmo, Vector, Overdrive, and Puzzlets, click here to visit the DigitalDream Labs website. You’ll love the myriad of ways that Digital Dream Labs can help you in your day-to-day life.

If you’re an educator, Puzzlets are a great way to help your students learn about STEM. To learn more about introducing Puzzlets into your classroom, you can find information about implementation here.You can also request a quote here!

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