A company that makes buying or selling a home more transparent for both clients and agents

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Quigler was founded by David and Linda Michonski to change the way homes are bought and sold. It uses an app to make buying or selling a home a more transparent process. Quigler connects consumers with real estate agents, explains the process step by step, and sends periodic updates to ensure clients are fully informed at each stage.

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Quigler makes the process of buying a home a more transparent process through the use of their app. The app outlines the entire process in advance so clients know exactly what to expect. It also provides the steps that real estate agents must follow by state and federal law and notifies customers when best practices and consumer protection laws are followed. This helps customers feel confident throughout the process and enjoy protection from being taken advantage of by bad players.

Quigler also offers a lot of benefits for agents. They make the process transparent for clients, which in turn helps build trust and loyalty. Quigler can also serve as a way to find new clients. After signing up, agents can be found by prospective clients looking for an honest, trustworthy agent to help them through the process. This makes Quigler a potential pipeline for new clients and a significant payoff for agents.

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Purchasing a home is one of the biggest financial decisions of your life, and if you’re a prospective home buyer, Quigler can help you feel confident throughout the process. When you use a real estate agent who is on Quigler, you’ll know the entire process and the steps that your agent is required to take to adhere to both state and federal law as well as a code of ethics. You’ll also receive regular updates so you’re fully informed about what’s happening. Quigler is the perfect way to make purchasing a home a transparent process so you can feel confident!

If you’re a real estate agent, using Quigler is a great way to earn your clients’ trust and loyalty. By making the steps of purchasing a home transparent, you’ll ensure that your clients are well-informed and educated about the process. In addition to connecting with your current customers through the app, prospective clients will be able to find you through Quigler’s search tool.

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For agents, Quigler offers three tiers of membership. Click here to find an easy guide so you can choose the right one for you. You can also enjoy a free trial!

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