A Shark-Tank featured company that teaches children how to code using a fun, interactive, and diverse set of characters

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SmartGurlz is a Shark Tank-featured company that creates fun, interactive toys that teach children how to code. SmartGurlz was founded by Sharmi Albrechtsen and Jasper Nissen with a mission to engage young students, especially those who are underrepresented in STEM, to learn important skills in coding.

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SmartGurlz, also referred to as Smart Buddies, helps children learn skills in coding. SmartGurlz has created a diverse set of characters on programmable scooters that children can control using coding and a free app. As children use their Smart Buddies character and scooter, they’ll learn essential coding concepts including sequences, loops, events, conditionals, functions, and variables.

SmartGurlz also helps children explore career pathways by providing role models in different fields. By learning about different job opportunities, children will be able to see a greater variety of options for their future. And because SmartGurlz is designed to help those who are otherwise underrepresented in STEM, there’s a lot of potential to enhance diversity in the STEM field as a whole.

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Do For You?

If you’re a parent looking for a way to engage your child in STEM and coding, SmartGurlz is perfect for you!

SmartGurlz’s Smart Buddies characters are fun, interactive toys that your child can program using coding concepts. No prior coding skills are needed, so everyone can enjoy these fun characters. Your child will quickly learn how to use coding to program their character to move, light up, make sounds, and even dance. And because SmartGurlz will help your child explore career pathways, they’ll be able to envision a future in the STEM field!

SmartGurlz is also a great option for teachers. SmartBuddies characters can be used in the classroom to help engage young students in learning coding skills. Their lessons align with Common Core State Standards and help teach social-emotional learning skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, conflict resolution, and diversity awareness.

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Ready to help your child or students learn valuable coding skills and discover more about STEM with SmartGurlz? Click here to visit their website! You’ll be able to order your own Smart Buddies toy, enroll your child in coding camps, view webinars, and more. SmartGurlz is the perfect way to engage your child in coding, so get started today!

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