A unique, Shark Tank-featured company creating soft bath toys that double as a washcloth to make bath time a breeze

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SoapSox is a company that creates soft, entertaining bath toys that help kids have fun while getting clean. It was founded by Ray Phillips, who worked as a program director at a residential treatment facility for children and found that bath time was one of the most difficult times of the day. He created a soft toy that held soap to make bath time easier for children, and after partnering with other people and taking time for development, SoapSox was born. It was featured on NBC’s Shark Tank and received multiple offers, including a $1 million buyout offer.

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SoapSox makes soft, animal-shaped bath toys that are designed to make bath time easier and more fun. Each SoapSox bath toy has a pocket to hold either liquid soap or a bar of soap. Adults can then work the toy into a lather and either use the handy side pockets for a comfortable grip to scrub their child or help their child do it themselves.

SoapSox bath toys offer a wide variety of fun characters, including dragons, sea creatures, elephants, lions, and more. They also have a licensing agreement with Disney and have six cute Disney SoapSox toys that will delight any child.

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If bath time is a struggle at your house, SoapSox is the perfect solution! SoapSox’s soft bath toys make it easy to settle children who are nervous about taking a bath and help them get clean. Of course, even if your children don’t get nervous in the bath, they’ll love having the soft, cuddly characters as a bath time buddy. And because each SoapSox toy has a unique pocket to hold soap, they double as a washcloth that will help your kids scrub up and get clean.

SoapSox has a variety of cute bath toys, including Disney characters. Whether your child is interested in sea creatures, lions, dragons, hippos, or other fun animals, you’ll be able to find something they’ll love. SoapSox toys are machine washable and dryer safe, so once bath time is over, it’s easy to make sure the toys are nice and clean. They can also be hung up to dry, and SoapSox provides a drying cord with each toy!

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Ready to make bath time a breeze with your own SoapSox? Visit their website here and place your order today! With a variety of soft, cuddly characters to choose from, SoapSox toys are sure to be a hit with parents and children alike.

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