Ternio BlockCard

A unique company revolutionizing the way people use cryptocurrency in the real world

Who is

Ternio BlockCard


Founded by Ian Kane and Daniel Gouldman, Ternio BlockCard has created a platform that makes it easy to use blockchain and cryptocurrency in the real world. With the BlockCard platform, users can use cryptocurrency to make purchases from companies who accept Visa using their BlockCard Visa debit card, deposit different currencies into their account, and send funds anywhere in the world.

What Does

Ternio BlockCard


Ternio BlockCard uses their BlockCard platform to allow users to use cryptocurrency in real life situations rather than online use only. They use a scalable blockchain protocol and a unique payment card option that make them a must-have for anyone who carries cryptocurrency.

With the BlockCard platform, people who have cryptocurrency can deposit multiple coin types into their BlockCard account. They can then use a virtual or physical BlockCard Visa debit card to purchase from stores that accept Visa or withdraw cash from an ATM. It can even be used with Google Pay or Apple Pay. Users can also use the platform to send cryptocurrency anywhere in the world using just a username or an email address.

Unlike most cryptocurrency conversions, Ternio BlockCard allows users to hold onto their cryptocurrency until they use it to make a purchase. While other cards take the cryptocurrency, convert it to FIAT, and then place the value on the card like a gift card, Ternio BlockCard users keep their currency until its used. This means users are using their actual cryptocurrency to make purchases.

What Can

Ternio BlockCard

Do For You?

Whether you currently have cryptocurrency or are thinking about using it for the first time, Ternio BlockCard makes it easier than ever to bring cryptocurrency into the real world.

With Ternio BlockCard, you can set up an account and deposit multiple kinds of coins. You can then use a unique BlockCard Visa debit card to make purchases anywhere that accepts Visa. You can use a virtual card, a plastic card, or a metal card depending on your preference. You can even use it with Google Pay or Apple Pay. And because Ternio BlockCard allows you to hold onto your cryptocurrency until you make a purchase, you’ll use your actual cryptocurrency to pay for things!

In addition to using theBlockCard platform to make purchases, you can also use it to send cryptocurrency anywhere in the world. All you’ll need is a username or an email address. Even if the recipient doesn’t use Ternio BlockCard, you’ll still be able to send them funds!

How Can You Get Involved

Ready to bring cryptocurrency into the real world? Visit Ternio BlockCard’s website here! You can set up your account or request a demo if you still have some questions about how Ternio BlockCard works.

If you’re excited about what Ternio BlockCard has to offer and want to support them, you can do so by making an investment here. This is a great opportunity to support a company poised to shake up the cryptocurrency industry, so consider making an investment today!

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