The Lieu

A monthly subscription service delivering women’s hygiene products to offices and workplaces

Who is

The Lieu


The Lieu is a monthly subscription service that delivers hair, face, body, and feminine-care products to offices to support women in the workplace. The Lieu was founded by Rebecca Lima and Domonique Sims with a mission to put women’s needs at the forefront and accommodate their busy lives by providing self-care necessities in the workplace.

What Does

The Lieu


The Lieu helps workplaces meet the needs of female employees by providing essential hygiene products on a monthly subscription basis.

The Lieu partners with over 50 clean, organic, sustainable, vegan, and cruelty-free brands to bring high-quality and environmentally products into workplaces. Each box is carefully curated around team needs and preferences and delivered monthly via a flexible subscription plan. Over time, The Lieu uses feedback to create perfect boxes for the workplace.

By providing women in the workplace with these high-quality hygiene products, companies can boost company culture, attract top talent, save time sourcing hygiene products on their own, and save money on premium products through The Lieu’s low-cost plans. It’s an ideal way to meet women’s needs and help them feel welcome in the workplace.

What Can

The Lieu

Do For You?

The Lieu is the perfect way to make your office or workplace feel more inclusive to women. When you sign up for their subscription service, The Lieu will deliver high-quality essential hygiene products each month. You can curate your company’s box based on the preferences and needs of the women in your workplace, and The Lieu will find the perfect products for your office.

By providing self-care necessities for the women in your workplace, you can attract top talent and boost your company culture by demonstrating your commitment to meeting everyone’s needs. You’ll also save time and money by not having to find and purchase the products yourself every month. It’s the perfect way to create an inclusive workplace, meet the needs of your female employees and guests, and help everyone feel welcome.

How Can You Get Involved

Ready to help the women in your workplace meet their needs and feel welcome with The Lieu’s monthly subscription service? You can sign up here on their website. You’ll love having high-quality hygiene products delivered on a monthly basis, so contact The Lieu and get started right away!

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