A nootropics company creating unique products to help people boost their mental output, enhance their memory, and more

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TruBrain is a nootropics company that creates a variety of products designed to help people boost their mental output, enhance their working memory, and overcome mental blocks. TruBrain was founded as the result of a collaboration between Chris Thompson and neuroscientists Dr. Andrew Hill and Dr. Aida using brainwave studies of high achievers to identify the nootropics that optimize performance.

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TruBrain creates consumable products, including drinks, bars, coffee, and more, that contain nootropics. Nootropics are amino acids, nutrients, and minerals that are consumed by the brain and support cognitive function. TruBrain uses nootropics to develop products that increase blood flow to the brain to improve its plasticity, or the ability to make new connections. Their products also provide ingredients that naturally support the brain’s metabolism and function.

To validate the efficacy of TruBrain’s products and the benefits they offer, TruBrain uses both third party testing and EEG brainwave analysis. This research indicates that TruBrain’s nootropics increase alpha brain wave activity, enhance verbal fluency, and improve memory and learning.

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Do For You?

TruBrain’s products are great for anyone looking to boost their mental output. Whether you’re a busy stay-at-home parent, a high-achieving executive, or an entrepreneur ready to shake up your entire industry, TruBrain’s nootropics can help you think and create at your highest potential.

TruBrain has a wide variety of products to help support your cognitive function. Here are just a few of their incredible options!

·     Drinks: 1-ounce drinks in convenient single-serving packs designed to help you boost your mental output, overcome stress, and push past mental blocks

·     Ketones: Powdered ketone formula to help you reach and stay in ketosis

·     Bars: Delicious snack bars that contain nootropics, healthy fats, and caffeine

·     Capsules: A daily capsule containing a complete source of nootropics, nutrients, and minerals

·     Coffee: A neutral-tasting supplement containing active nootropics to enhance your daily coffee

·     Powder Sticks: a powdered version of TruBrain’s drinks you can simply add to water to enjoy the benefits of nootropics

Each TruBrain product contains their high-powered nootropics, so no matter which one you choose, you can enjoy the benefits of increased mental output, enhanced verbal fluency, and improved memory and learning!

How Can You Get Involved

To take your mental output and cognitive function to the next level using nootropics, place your order on TruBrain’s website here! You’ll find a variety of products that can completely change your life. Their products can be purchased once, or you can set up a monthly subscription to enjoy a discount. Get started today and see what TruBrain’s nootropics can do for you!

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