A SaaS company that allows automobile sellers to instantly validate customers’ identities, residencies, and incomes

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Founded by Michael Jarman and Kenneth Jarman, TurboPass offers software solutions for sellers, buyers, and lenders in the automotive industry. Their software provides instant proof of customers’ identities, residencies, and incomes so sellers and lenders can reduce funding delays and instances of fraud.

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TurboPass has created a software solution that allows auto buyers and lenders to instantly verify their customers’ income and identity.

To verify customers’ income, the TurboPass platform uses augmented intelligence and data analytics to validate account ownership and direct deposits from employers. TurboPass can provide current and average balances, cash-flow analysis, different types of income, and ATM deposits so buyers and sellers are able to verify that customers are in a good position to make their payments. The process is quick, so funding delays are reduced and customers are able to enjoy a smoother process.

TurboPass is also an invaluable way to verify prospective customers’ identities. By ensuring that customers are being honest and upfront about who they are, auto sellers can reduce or even eliminate cases of fraud.

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Do For You?

If you sell cars or work in the automotive finance industry, TurboPass can have an invaluable impact on your business.

TurboPass makes it quick and easy to verify your customers’ incomes so you can ensure they’re good candidates for funding. You’ll have access to account validation, cash-flow analysis, and current and average balances so you have a full understanding of their financial situation.

In addition to making sure your customers are in a position to make their payments, you’ll also reduce funding delays. Your customers will enjoy a faster, more smooth experience, allowing for a better customer service experience overall.

Finally, you’ll be able to validate your customers’ identities to reduce cases of fraud. This will save you not only time, but the costs incurred from being deceived through identity fraud.

How Can You Get Involved

Ready to make verifying your customers’ identities and incomes easier and faster? Join TurboPass on their website here! Their software will instantly validate your customers’ information so you can offer a faster and smoother buying process. You can also schedule a demo if you’d like to see how the software can impact your business. Visit their website and get started today!

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