A car leasing service offering customers the opportunity to drive without the hassle of owning a car

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Upshift offers people in San Francisco the opportunity to drive without the hassle of owning a car. Monthly subscribers can text Upshift and have a car delivered in less than one hour, drive where they want to go, and then have the car picked back up when they’ve finished. Upshift was founded in 2012 by Ezra Goldman and Ayako Hiwasa with the goal of offering people who don’t drive every day a smart alternative to owning a car.

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Upshift has created a monthly subscription plan for people who want to drive occasionally without the hassles of owning a car. Customers can choose between three plans based on the number of days they’d like to drive each month: the Getaway plan (four days), the Freedom plan (eight days), or the Commuter plan (Monday through Friday each week). They can then simply text Upshift’s concierge service, and Upshift will deliver a car for them in under an hour.

Upshift offers their customers the use of either a Toyota Prius or a RAV4 hybrid SUV. Users can request special additions, including dog seats, a surfboard rack, and even snow chains. Once the customer has finished with the car, Upshift will come and pick it up. Upshift cleans their cars and fill them with gas both before and after use so customers don’t have to, and they cover insurance.

Upshift’s services are currently live in San Francisco. In the future, Upshift plans to make their services available in other areas as well!

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Do For You?

If you live in the San Francisco area and want the convenience of having a car available without the hassles of owning one, Upshift is perfect for you!

When you sign up with Upshift, you can choose the perfect plan for you based on how many days you plan on driving each month. When you’re ready to hit the road, you can just text Upshift’s concierge service and they’ll deliver a clean, fully-gassed car in less than an hour. You can drive where you want without worrying about mileage, and Upshift will even cover insurance for you.

Once you’ve finished with the car, you can let them know, and they’ll come and pick it up for you. You don’t even need to clean or refuel it! With Upshift, it’s easy to enjoy the convenience of driving without purchasing a car yourself.

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Ready to enjoy the benefits of driving without owning a car yourself? Click here to get started with Upshift! You’ll love having a car delivered on demand when you need to drive, so join Upshift and choose your monthly plan today.

Upshift is also offering investment opportunities! If you love the idea of Upshift’s service and want to be part of their mission, you can make an investment here.

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