A tech company developing a smart electronic license plate that automates the renewal process and more

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Vizrom is a technology company developing a smart electronic license plate that will automate license plate renewal and relay real-time driving data to the cloud. Vizrom was founded by Emmanuel Umoh and Jay Crouch with a goal to redefine the way we look at license plates by turning them into smart service platforms.

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Vizrom is developing a smart, digital license plate that electronically displays DMV-issued registration information in lieu of the traditional metal license plate. Their smart license plate automates the yearly renewal process through the use of an app or a web browser so users can skip the trip to the DMV.

In addition to the automated renewal process, Vizrom’s smart license plate can integrate with a car computer to relay real-time driving data to the cloud and receive firmware security updates. It offers a stolen vehicle alert so if the car is stolen, its location can be pinpointed in real-time to make recovery of the vehicle quicker and easier. All data is protected with a 128-bit data encryption so the user’s information is secure and protected.

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Vizrom is a great way to turn your static metal license plate into a smart platform! Vizrom’s digital license plate displays your license plate information electronically. Rather than going to the DMV every year to renew your license plate, you can do it quickly and easily in your home using an app or a web browser.

Of course, there are plenty of other benefits to having a smart license plate! The Vizrom license plate can connect with car computers to relay real-time data about your driving to the cloud. If your car is stolen, you can use Vizrom’s stolen vehicle alert to pinpoint your car’s location for a quicker recovery. Your license plate will also receive security updates, and all of your data will be protected using 128-bit encryption. That means you can safely and securely use Vizrom’s technology while keeping your privacy intact.

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Interested in learning more about Vizrom’s revolutionary smart license plate technology? Visit their website here! You’ll find information about how the smart license plate works and the ways it can impact your life. Vizrom’s smart license plate is one of a kind, so visit their website today!

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