A mobile app connecting customers with vetted cleaning professionals for homes and commercial spaces

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Wand has created a mobile app that connects customers with vetted house cleaners on a secure, user-friendly platform. Wand was founded in 2018 by Benjamin Anderson and Andrew Schlack, who envisioned an easier way for customers to find high-quality, vetted housekeepers in their area and for freelance cleaners to build their clientele.

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Wand’s unique mobile app connects customers with vetted house cleaners in their area. Customers can read reviews for professionals to find the perfect match for their needs and then book services and pay directly through the app.

Wand users can book a variety of services based on their needs. Wand offers the 59-point Standard Clean, the 101-point Deep Clean, vacation rental turnovers for short-term rentals, and commercial cleanings. Every cleaner on the platform is carefully vetted with a background check so customers can feel comfortable having them in their home or office space.

For freelance cleaners, Wand offers a great opportunity to find work and be discovered by new clients. Cleaners can sign up and list services on the app for free. When customers request their services, cleaners can accept the booking if they’re available. Rather than paying for the platform upfront, the cleaner will simply be charged a flat percentage of their booking fees.

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Do For You?

Whether you’re a prospective customer looking for an experienced, vetted cleaner or a professional looking to expand your client list, Wand is the perfect platform for you!

If you’re in need of cleaning services, Wand makes it easy to find the right cleaner. You can choose from a variety of services, from a standard cleaning to a deep cleaning. You can also choose from miscellaneous extra services based on your needs. And because each cleaning professional on Wand’s platform has been vetted and undergone a background check, you can rest easy knowing who you’re allowing into your space.

Wand is also great if you’re a cleaner looking to find new work and expand your client base. After you apply for the Wand platform and undergo a background check, you can list your services and start accepting booking requests. Wand will collect a flat percentage of your booking fees rather than charging you for use of the platform.

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The Wand app is currently available for Apple devices and through Google Play. If you’re a cleaner looking to build up your clientele or a customer looking to connect with vetted cleaning professionals, you can get started with Wand here!

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