70 Million Jobs

The first national for-profit employment platform designed to help people with criminal records find employment opportunities.

Who is

70 Million Jobs


70 Million Jobs is an employment platform that helps connect job-seekers who have criminal records with companies looking to hire. Founded by Richard Bronson, who served two years in prison and experienced the difficulty of reentering society himself, 70 Million Jobs believes that the millions of Americans who have criminal records can be valuable employees in the workforce and deserve the opportunity to find employment.

What Does

70 Million Jobs


70 million Americans have a criminal record, which makes it difficult to secure employment. Without the stability and security of employment, recidivism rates for those who have served prison time are high. 70 Million Jobs helps solve this problem by offering avenues for both job-seekers who have criminal records and employers who are looking to hire new workers. 

Through 70 Million Jobs, job-seekers can:

  • Get help crafting a resume
  • Get notified of nearby job opportunities
  • Apply to jobs and get hired

For employers, 70 Million Jobs is an invaluable resource full of untapped talent. 70 Million Jobs makes it easy to advertise employment opportunities to motivated job-seekers. 70 Million Jobs also helps mitigate potential risks by extensively vetting candidates and being the hirer of record so employers can feel secure that they’re hiring quality talent safely.

What Can

70 Million Jobs

Do For You?

Whether you’re a job-seeker with a criminal record or an employer looking for top-notch talent, 70 Million Jobs can help you reach your goals.

If you’re seeking employment, 70 Million Jobs can help you with everything from perfecting your resume to applying for jobs to acing your interview. 70 Million Jobs also offers the opportunity to refer a friend, so if you know someone who has a record and needs help finding employment, you can help them with their job search. 

If you’re an employer, 70 Million Jobs is the perfect way to add quality workers to your company. In fact, employees with criminal histories have higher retention rates than employees with no criminal record. You can even reduce your federal income tax by hiring workers with criminal histories. And because 70 Million Jobs serves as hirer of record and handles payroll, taxes, and more, you can rest easy knowing your company is in good hands.

How Can You Get Involved

Ready to get involved in 70 Million Jobs’s incredible mission? You can get started right away! If you have a criminal record and are struggling to find employment or know someone who is, you can start searching for jobs here. If you’re an employer looking to find new talent in a largely untapped pool of workers, you can click here to post job listings. 

If you’d like to help support the millions of Americans who are working to overcome their past and find employment, you can invest in 70 Million Jobs here. It’s the perfect opportunity to help millions of people join the workforce and contribute to their community, so act quickly!

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