A DNA sequencing company that allows users to retain complete control of their personal information

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? is a company that allows people to provide theirDNA for sequencing while remaining anonymous and retaining control of their data. It was created to help keep people’s privacy intact so they feel more comfortable having their DNA sequenced, selling it, or donating it to research.

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DNA sequencing has the ability to shape the medical world as a whole and offer individuals opportunities to detect diseases early, enjoy personalized healthcare, and more. Less than 1% of people have had their DNA sequenced, and one of the most significant reasons why is that many DNA sequencing companies keep the rights to sell customers’ information. That results in major privacy concerns, and that’s what is working to solve. has developed an anonymous DNA Saliva Kit that allows users to provide their DNA and retain complete control over it. They can decide to donate it, sell it, buy test results, and more, all without exposing their personal information. This allows customers to feel confident knowing that their privacy is protected, and they can safely and securely have their DNA sequenced.

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Do For You?

If you’re interested in learning about your DNA but don’t want to put your information in the hands of companies who will compromise your privacy, is the perfect option for you. Their anonymous DNA Saliva Kit will allow you to submit your DNA for sequencing while retaining control over it. offers you the ability to:

·     Buy test results of your DNA for early disease identification

·     Sell your profile to interested companies

·     Donate to accelerate scientific discoveries

·     Track a serialized set of your sequence to see how it changes in time

Because of’s dedication to protecting your privacy, you’ll be in complete control of your DNA. Their Incrypto Vault uses blockchain and encryption to ensure that only you get to decide how it’s used. You can rest easy knowing that your personal information won’t be compromised.

How Can You Get Involved is currently looking for people to participate in their Beta Test program. Participants will retain ownership of their data, and the Beta Test is designated for research only. If you’d like to participate, visit the website here and select Beta Program from the headings to sign up. This is a great opportunity to have your DNA sequenced safely and securely, so take advantage of it!

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