A virtual event company that can recreate any physical space for an engaging, interactive event experience

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Youcanevent is an online platform that allows users to create and host unique, dynamic virtual events. It was founded in 2015 by António Trincão and João Raminhos. Today, Youcanevent offers those in the entertainment, retail, and corporate industries the ability to engage people through one-of-a-kind virtual experiences.

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Youcanevent creates virtual events that go beyond static video streaming. Their technology allows them to recreate any physical space and integrate video streaming, virtual reality, and engagement tools that help attendees feel like they’re right there in the room.

Youcanevent’s virtual events can be experienced using a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or even a virtual reality headset. Every attendee has an avatar that can be guided through the virtual space, offering the opportunity to interact with other attendees, engage with exhibitions, and view keynote speeches from different areas of the room.

Youcanevent also makes it easy to create virtual exhibition booths and retail spaces. Sponsors can create virtual versions of their booths, offering a unique way to interact with event attendees. To enhance the virtual shopping experience, retail stores can use Youcanevent’s platform to create the feeling of visiting a physical store. Rather than clicking on static images, customers can maneuver around the room to see different products the same way they would at an actual store.

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Do For You?

Are you looking for a way to shake up your virtual events and make them more dynamic? Youcanevent is the perfect way to take your virtual events to the next level!

Youcanevent can recreate any physical space to give your attendees the experience of being in the room. All of your attendees will have their own avatar so they can navigate the space and interact with other attendees. Through Youcanevent’s platform, you can create:

·     Virtual booths

·     Live artist performances

·     Virtual retail stores

·     Embedded e-commerce platforms

·     Keynote speeches with live Q&A sessions

·     Group chat for attendees

Youcanevent’s virtual events can be experienced using a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or virtual reality headsets, so your attendees can be anywhere in the world and still enjoy the feeling of being in your event space. And because of Youcanevent’s unique, dynamic technology, they’ll be engaged throughout the entire event!

How Can You Get Involved

Interested in hosting your next event through Youcanevent’s unique online platform? Visit their website here! You can contact them directly to get started or schedule a demo if you’d like to see what they can do to make your event special. Youcanevent can make a huge difference for your event, so visit their website and get started today!

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