An innovative company using proprietary technology to create revolutionary inflatable framed structures using pressurized air.

Who is



Airemos is an inflatable framed structure company that creates lightweight, sturdy, and portable structures that are supported by pressurized air. Airemos was founded by Ryan Pirkle with the intention of changing portable framing, starting with the event tent industry. They now count some of the largest brands in the world as their customers and are ready to bring their air frames to as many people as possible.

What Does



Airemos creates inflatable framed structures, which are made with sturdy cloth that can then be inflated with pressurized air. They’re revolutionizing portable framing with their proprietary product technology called RIFTech (Rapidly Inflatable Framing Technology). RIFTech offers a completely modular framing system. Their standardized components make it easy to create limitless product designs, including tents, stages, railings, and sports structures.  

Some benefits of RIFTech include:

  • Completely modular product technology using beams, joints, and couplers
  • The ability to create unlimited product designs using standard components
  • Super lightweight framing
  • Easy DIY repairs when needed
  • Scalable product lines in any vertical

Airemos’s inflatable structures are also designed to be strong and sturdy. Unlike most inflatable structures, Airemos uses isolated inflated beams for support. That means if there’s a problem with one beam, the structure won’t deflate and can still be used until it’s repaired. This offers unparalleled safety and dependability.

What Can


Do For You?

Whether you’re in the event, marketing, or advertising industry, Airemos can make a big difference in your portable framing! Rather than using heavy, antiquated metal framing, Airemos’s structures are easy to set up and can be completely inflated in just a few minutes without even breaking a sweat. It’s so light that it can be packed up into a duffel bag! 

Airemos uses modular components, which means they can create unique structures completely customized to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a small tent for branding at a local event or a soundstage for a gigantic festival, Airemos can craft the perfect solution just for you.

When it comes to advertising and marketing, Airemos’s portable frames offer great branding opportunities when you’re at events. Each frame has plenty of space to display your logo or branding. Because they’re lightweight and sturdy, they’ll stay in place and ensure that your brand is front and center. And best of all, they look great, so you can be proud to display your logo on an eye-catching air frame.

How Can You Get Involved

Airemos already has customers that include some of the world’s largest brands, such as Disney, AT&T, and Samsung. In 2020, they anticipate expanding their manufacturing capacity to make their RIFTech framing structures available to a broader customer base.

If you’re excited about the RIFTech technology and want to support Airemos in their mission to revolutionize portable framing, you can invest in Airemos here! Your investment will support Airemos in their efforts to increase their manufacturing capacity and reach their full potential as a company.

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