A disaster insurance company helping people build financial resilience in case of intense earthquakes

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Jumpstart is an insurance broker that offers disaster insurance that pays out a lump sum in the event of an intense earthquake. Jumpstart was founded by Kate Stillwell with a mission to increase economic stimulus following natural disasters such as earthquakes. By making earthquake insurance available to more people, Jumpstart helps policyholders build financial resilience in case of disaster.

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Jumpstart provides earthquake insurance that helps cover immediate expenses that occur as the result of an intense earthquake. Policyholders pay a low monthly cost in premiums, and if their area experiences an intense earthquake, they’ll receive a text from Jumpstart asking if they incurred expenses. If they reply yes, they’ll receive a lump sum payment in just a few days.

Jumpstart is unique because it uses data from the UnitedStates Geological Survey to determine payment eligibility. Locations that are coded on the USGS shake map as experiencing "severe" shaking with a peak ground velocity (PGV) of 30 centimeters per second or more are eligible to receive payment.

The lump sum payment can be used for any quake-related expenses excluding losses covered by other insurance and losses due to bodily harm. Examples of expenses that can be covered using Jumpstart include:

·     Living expenses

·     Replacing broken items

·     Moving costs

·     Child/elder care

·     Home repairs

At the moment, Jumpstart is available in California and offers insurance in case of earthquakes. In the future, they plan to expand to other areas of the United States and provide financial buffers for additional natural disasters.

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Do For You?

If you live in California and would like to have a financial cushion to help cover immediate expenses in case of an earthquake, Jumpstart is a perfect option for you!

It’s easy to get started with Jumpstart. You can apply on their website and start paying monthly premiums based on your location. If an intense earthquake occurs in your area and you have expenses as a result, you’ll receive a lump sum to help cover them. There’s no deductible, no paperwork, and no adjusters, so the process is simple and hassle-free. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that if you need money to cover extra expenses after an earthquake, you’ll be covered with Jumpstart.

How Can You Get Involved

Ready to increase your financial resilience in case of an earthquake? Click here to visit Jumpstart’s website! You can receive an instant quote for your area and apply quickly and easily. Jumpstart is a great way to ensure that you’re ready to handle extra expenses in case of an intense earthquake, so visit their website and get started today!

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