A powerful map-based platform empowering local communities to manage and improve their neighborhoods.

Who is



Citiesense is a map-based platform that is dedicated to helping local communities manage and improve their neighborhoods. With a robust, interactive system that encourages collaboration, Citiesense enables neighborhood organizations to access, manage, and share information for specific areas in a city. Citiesense was founded by Star Childs with the goal of revitalizing the way information and data about neighborhoods is shared.

What Does



The Citiesense platform uses a map-based interface with options to manage and edit a certain neighborhood’s data, analyze information for different areas, create custom areas to compare data, and track public data records. 

Citiesense empowers neighborhood organizations and business districts to track commercial properties, development activity, local businesses, and the conditions of streets and parks. This makes it easier to understand what’s happening in an area, find opportunities for improvement, and plan out the future effectively and efficiently to benefit the neighborhood as a whole.

What Can


Do For You?

Citiesense offers a wide variety of benefits for both you and your community. Once you set up an account, you can create membership options, and fees from membership will support more services and better quality of life in your downtown area.

Through Citiesense, you can:

  • Power your team's operations from cloud-based tools
  • Manage streets and public space
  • Assist local businesses
  • Measure and improve commercial activities
  • Invite your community members to access select data clips
  • Enjoy easy map-based tools that support community-wide collaboration
  • Create different membership plans for different types of members and partners
  • Customize and embed your community's payment portal to match with your website branding
  • Encourage collaboration throughout the community by allowing local business owners and other stakeholders to manage their own content

How Can You Get Involved

To start using Citiesense to track, analyze, manage, and improve your neighborhood, click here to visit their website. You’ll learn more about how the platform works, and you can create a free account to start tracking assets in your area!

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