Aptera Motors

An innovative motor company created to revolutionize the electric car industry with the world’s first Never Charge vehicle.

Who is

Aptera Motors


Aptera Motors is an electric car company dedicated to creating fuel-efficient vehicles that are stylish, comfortable, safe, affordable, and fun to drive. Founded by Steve Fambro and Chris Anthony, Aptera Motors believes that efficient transportation is the key to building a better future. They’re starting by setting a new standard for efficiency with the Never Charge electric car.

What Does

Aptera Motors


Aptera has designed the world’s first Never Charge car. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a vehicle so efficient that most people who drive one will never have to charge it. They’ve accomplished this groundbreaking feat by combining an efficient electric engine with a lightweight, aerodynamic frame and solar panels that provide an extra 40 miles of driving each day. 

The Aptera is: 

  • 3x more aerodynamic than a traditional electric car
  • 13x more aerodynamic than a pickup truck
  • Half the weight of the average electric car
  • Capable of a range of 1000 miles per charge

While fuel-efficiency is Aptera’s greatest accomplishment, they haven’t stopped there. The Aptera boasts a composite passenger safety cell stronger than any other vehicle on the road today. It also has an advanced CoPilot system that will make long trips a breeze. Add in affordability and efficient manufacturing, and you have an eye-catching, fuel-efficient vehicle that offers an unparalleled driving experience and has the potential to change the way the world thinks about efficient transportation.

What Can

Aptera Motors

Do For You?

Whether you’re passionate about taking care of the environment or want to save your hard-earned money rather than constantly refueling your gasoline-powered engine, Aptera is the perfect option for you. 

The Aptera combines a lightweight, aerodynamic frame with an efficient electric engine that boasts a 1,000-mile range. And with solar panels that add miles to your daily range, you may find yourself charging your Aptera just a few times each year or even forgoing charging entirely. That can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. And of course, forgoing gasoline and reducing charge time is not just great for the environment—it’s great for your wallet!

How Can You Get Involved

Ready to sit behind the wheel of your very own Aptera? You won’t have to wait long! Aptera has committed to produce 10,000 units by 2022 and 40,000 units by 2024. And with Aptera’s additive manufacturing, they can scale production and launch new models at previously unimaginable speed.

If you share Aptera’s vision of the future and want to make sure you’re one of the first people to drive the world’s first Never Charge vehicle, you can invest in Aptera here. Act quickly to take part in revolutionizing the electric car industry!

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