A marketplace lending platform disrupting the private student loan industry using Income Share Agreements.

Who is



Avenify is a marketplace lending platform that allows students to fund their education using Income Share Agreements in lieu of traditional private loans. Avenify was founded by Justin Potts and Timo Sheridan in May of 2019 after they met at the University of Oklahoma and experienced the student loan crisis for themselves. They set out to create a solution that offered affordable, transparent, and interest-free funding for students, and thus Avenify was born. 

What Does



Avenify provides students with the opportunity to use Income Share Agreements (ISAs) to fund their education. Students apply for funding using information including their school of choice, expected graduation date, resume, and transcript. Avenify uses data to project the student’s future earning potential and sets the terms of the loans. Students will start making payments six months after they graduate and get a job paying over $30,000 each year. The payments consist of a fixed percentage of their income. 

Avenify also provides opportunities for investors to invest in students and earn a return once they succeed. They can invest in a pool of students and review information on each student, including their GPA, major, degree, and graduation date. Once borrowers begin making payments on their Income Share Agreements, investors start earning dividends.

Since May of 2019, Avenify has had over 2,000 students sign up and has processed over 500 applications for funding, including students from Cornell University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Lambda School. They’re on track to reach 10,000 students and process 2,500 applications in 2020.

What Can


Do For You?

If you’re a student, Avenify offers a great option to fund your education. You can borrow up to $15,000 per semester, and it will be placed directly into your bank account so you can decide how to use your funds. Instead of making payments right after graduation, you’ll be able to wait six months and until you have a job that pays at least $30,000 a year. Rather than paying a fixed principal with interest, you’ll make payments of a fixed percentage of your income. You’ll also have the option of paying off the remainder of your ISA using Avenify’s Progressive Payback Cap. 

If you’re an investor, Avenify offers the opportunity to invest in a pool of students and earn dividends when students start making payments. Soon, you’ll be able to invest in individual students after reviewing their profiles in addition to pools of students. 

How Can You Get Involved

If you’re a student looking to fund your education using an Income Share Agreement through Avenify, you can set up your profile and fill out an application here.

If you’re ready to be a part of revolutionizing the billion-dollar student loan industry, you can invest in Avenify here. You can also start reviewing prospective student profiles here. Making an investment is a great way to support students looking to fund their education, so take advantage of this incredible opportunity!

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