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Founded in 2016 by Andrew Christodoulides, WeLivv combines content and commerce to make it easy for customers to find the perfect home furnishings. Using millions of curated interior design photos, a robust smart search engine, and the ability to interact with brands and designers, WeLivv has created the perfect platform for both consumers and designers looking to put their work in front of the public.

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WeLivv’s website connects consumers, interior designers, and brands to create the ultimate home design experience.

On WeLivv’s website, customers can search for designers by name, country, or type of firm. Through WeLivv’s Get Inspired feature, customers can see curated photos from designers. Their robust search engine makes it easy to filter based on the type of room. By clicking on an image, the customer will then be able to see who designed it and view their other projects. WeLivv also offers the opportunity to contact designers and view their social media platforms.

In addition to connecting consumers with interior designers, WeLivv offers a shopping platform featuring unique products from world-class brands. Consumers can find furniture, lighting, outdoor products, décor, and more. It’s perfect for anyone looking to furnish and decorate their space.

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Do For You?

Ready to put your design needs in the hands of an experienced, creative interior designer? WeLivv is for you! WeLivv features 8,000 carefully selected designers with a variety of specialties. You can search by name, area, or type of industry, or you can view photos based on the type of room you’re looking for. Once you find the designer of your dreams, WeLivv will help you contact them.

If you’re a customer in search of the perfect furnishings for your space, you’ll love WeLivv! WeLivv makes it easy to shop for a variety of home furnishings from the best design brands in the industry. Whether you’re looking for a dining room table perfect for your next dinner party or a lighting fixture for your new patio, WeLivv’s search engine will help you find the right one for you.

And finally, WeLivv is also great if you’re a designer looking to connect with more customers. When images from your portfolio are featured on WeLivv’s website, customers in your area will be able to see what you can do to transform their space. It’s the perfect way to show the world your flair for design and find new customers.

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Whether you’re ready to start designing the home of your dreams or you’re an interior designer looking to feature your portfolio and find new customers on WeLivv’s platform, you can learn more on their website here!

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