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A digital signage software company offering unique, customized solutions to help businesses engage, motivate, and inspire

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truDigital Signage


truDigital is a digital signage company that makes it easy for businesses to communicate important information, motivate their teams, and engage both employees and customers. truDigital was founded in 2011 and has experienced massive growth year over year. In 2019, truDigital was featured on Inc. Magazine’s Inc. 5000 List, which celebrates the fastest-growing private companies in the United States.

What Does

truDigital Signage


truDigital offers a cloud-based digital signage solution that provides businesses with a simple, intuitive way to communicate in the workplace.

Once companies have signed up with truDigital, they receive a pre-activated digital sign player that is ready to plug in and play. They can then customize their digital signage experience by choosing from dozens of popular apps to display. truDigital offers a robust variety of apps, including business tools such as Adobe PDF and Microsoft Office apps, social media apps including Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, and even an Employee of the Month app so companies can celebrate their employees’ accomplishments.

Because truDigital’s digital signage software is cloud-based, the content displayed can quickly and easily be updated. Whether companies are using digital signage in one location or across several screens in different locations, they can update their content on all of their signage with just the press of a button.

What Can

truDigital Signage

Do For You?

truDigital can have a powerful impact on the way you communicate with your customers and employees in the workplace. Their digital signage solution makes it easy to inspire, engage, and motivate your team with dynamic, ever-changing content.

truDigital signage is cloud-based and simple to set up, so no matter how tech-savvy you are (or aren’t), you’ll be able to create and customize your digital signage experience quickly and easily. Once you get started with truDigital, you’ll receive a digital sign player that’s already pre-activated so you can just plug it in and connect it to the internet. You can then choose from dozens of apps to communicate everything from personalized celebrations of your employees’ accomplishments to breaking news and the weather. You can even connect to social media! No matter what you want to convey in the workplace, truDigital can help you do it. And because their software is cloud-based, you can update your signage across multiple screens from any location with just the press of a button.

truDigital is committed to helping their users throughout their digital signage journey, so as a truDigital customer, you’ll receive unlimited training and support from truDigital’s dedicated team of experts. They’ll be there to help you with everything from set-up troubleshooting to tips to get the most out of your signage. With truDigital, it’s never been easier to motivate, inform, and inspire!

How Can You Get Involved

Ready to make digital signage a cornerstone of your business? Visit their website here to find information about how digital signage can change the way you communicate with customers and employees! You can also contact their dedicated customer representative team and even schedule a demo. truDigital can have an incredible impact on your business, so contact them and get started today!

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