Blue World Voyages

A world-class cruise line reinventing what it means to cruise with their dedication to Active Lifestyle Cruising

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Blue World Voyages


Blue World Voyages is the first cruise line fully dedicated to sports and wellness. Everything from the fresh, farm-to-table food they serve in their restaurants to the excursions offered when their passengers venture on-shore is specially chosen to support world-class traveling experiences that enhance a healthy lifestyle. Founded by Gene Meehan, BlueWorld Voyages offers a unique twist on the traditional cruise ship experience.

What Does

Blue World Voyages


Blue World Voyages creates once-in-a-lifetime cruises for passengers who are enthusiastic about enhancing their health and wellness while cruising. To help their passengers stay active, Blue World Voyages cruise ships offer:

·     Sports deck

·     Spa and wellness deck

·     Training and strength conditioning facility

·     TRX, yoga, and Pilates studios

·     Batting cages

·     Multi-sport simulators

·     Golf school

·     Sea water lap pool

Blue World Voyages encourages overall health and wellness with farm-to-table restaurants using fresh, local ingredients, activities that expose passengers to unique local customs, presentations about meditation, and more.

In addition to vacations, Blue World Voyages also offers 40 OwnersResidences for people who desire a home at sea. They offer both one-bedroom and two-bedroom residences.

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Blue World Voyages

Do For You?

Setting off on a cruise is a great way to travel and see more of the world, but the food and activities aren’t always conducive to a healthy lifestyle. If you’d like to enjoy a luxurious vacation without having to put your healthy habits on hold, Blue World Voyages is perfect for you!

Blue World Voyages cruises ships are designed with active people in mind. When you join them onboard, you’ll enjoy exotic destinations, incredible activities, restaurants that serve healthy, flavorful food, and a world-class spa.  Blue World Voyages cruises also include three Signature Events, offering unique adventures that are a fun, exciting surprise.

All food and beverages are included in the price of the cruise, so you can eat your fill of healthy, delicious food without reaching for your wallet at every meal. Blue WorldVoyages will also provide state-of-the-art equipment for your onshore activities. All of this adds up to a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you’ll never forget!

How Can You Get Involved

Blue World Voyages will set sail on their maiden voyage in early 2021. To learn more about Blue World Voyages so you can start planning your adventure with them, visit their website here.

In addition to offering vacations, Blue World Voyages will also offer 40 Owners Residences for sale. These luxurious residences are an amazing way to see the world and make wellness the cornerstone of your lifestyle. Click hereto learn more about this incredible opportunity to make Blue World Voyages your home!

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