A telemedicine platform that connects physicians and patients to create easy, efficient access to healthcare

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CallingDr is a complete telemedicine platform that connects physicians and patients using video consulting and remote patient monitoring. The company was created in 2017 after hurricanes made it difficult for patients to communicate with their doctors, and the founders realized the importance of creating timely access to healthcare. CallingDr is committed to bringing healthcare access to all, especially those in remote rural areas without immediate access to physicians.

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CallingDr is an integrated telemedicine system that offers a wide variety of benefits for both healthcare professionals and patients. They use HD video through a patient portal and mobile app to connect physicians with patients.

Doctors can use HD video to interact with their patients, and a clinical notes feature makes it easy to take notes during the video consultation. CallingDr’s HIPAA compliant messaging system ensures security for both parties.They also offer customized intake forms, appointment reminders to reduce no-shows, and integration with smart devices to collect vitals remotely for patient monitoring.

For patients, HD video options make it easy to speak to a health professional without going into the office. This is great for all patients, but especially for patients who live in rural areas and don’t have easy access to healthcare. Patients are able to ask questions and receive medical advice, track their vitals with smart devices for remote medical monitoring, and receive appointment reminders.

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Do For You?

CallingDr is a great tool for healthcare providers. It’s designed to seamlessly fit into your current practices to enhance your reach and efficiency. By adding a telemedicine option to your practice, CallingDr can help you:

·     Decrease no-shows and cancellations

·     Increase revenue

·     Improve patient convenience

·     Increase patient volume and reach

·     Increase healthcare access for patients

·     Improve flexibility in working hours

If you’re a patient looking for enhanced options for healthcare, CallingDr is also a great option for you! CallingDr can help you remotely access your physician, so whether you live in an area without direct access to a doctor or you just need a quick consultation, you can take care of your needs quickly and easily.

How Can You Get Involved

If you’re a medical professional and want to use CallingDr as part of your practice, you can visit their website here. You’ll find information about their features, services, pricing, and you can even schedule a demonstration.

If you’re a patient, you can learn more about getting started with CallingDr here.

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