CannCo Brands

A blockchain-based company working to provide the cannabis industry with financial support in lieu of traditional banking

Who is

CannCo Brands


CannCo is a blockchain-based supply chain management company that is seeking to support the cannabis industry, as companies and dispensaries often struggle to find banks and credit unions willing to serve them. CannCo is developing a blockchain-powered system that will provide financial services to the cannabis industry. In the future, they look to support other developing and underserved markets as well.

What Does

CannCo Brands


CannCo works to provide companies in the cannabis industry with financial services. While cannabis is legal in many states for medical or even recreational use, it’s still federally restricted. Many companies and dispensaries find it difficult to get banks and other financial institutions to work with them, leaving them to operate solely using cash. CannCo is developing a solution for these companies.

The CannCo blockchain-powered system operates with the use of CannCoin, a digital wallet that uses CannCoin tokens. The tokens will move through the supply chain, from consumer to producer, which will strategically position CannCoin as the standard currency to leverage and utilize as working capital for the entire industry. CannCoin will be used to process payment for transactions at the retail level, and will then be utilized by merchants to pay suppliers, vendors, service providers, and even employees.

What Can

CannCo Brands

Do For You?

If you have a business in the cannabis industry, you’reprobably familiar with how difficult it can be to find support from banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions. Fortunately, CannCo is creating a solution to serve your needs!

CannCo can support your business by offering the following benefits:

·     Transparent supply chain management

·     Business banking and merchant processing

·     Trade finance

·     Direct consumer-engagement solutions

With the CannCoin system, you’ll be able to take part in an ecosystem specifically designed for your industry. You’ll be able to interact more easily, efficiently process transactions, reach your customers effectively, and remain legally compliant in the cannabis industry. It’s the perfect solution for any cannabis-related business that has found it difficult to secure backing from traditional financial institutions.

How Can You Get Involved

Interested in using CannCo as part of your business? They’re hard at work preparing to serve you! In the meantime, CannCo recently had a successful fundraising campaign. You can see the results here. You’ll also find information about the CannCoin system, how their business model works, and the ways in which CannCo can support businesses that operate within the cannabis industry!

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