Ember Fund

A unique mobile app that makes it easy to quickly and securely invest in cryptocurrency

Who is

Ember Fund


Ember Fund is a unique mobile app that allows users to buy into managed cryptocurrency funds while retaining their own assets. Ember Fund was founded by Alex Wang, Guillaume Torche, and Mario Lazaro with a mission to make investing in cryptocurrency easy and accessible. Now, they’ve assembled what they call a “diverse team of hackers, technologists, and product people” and are ready to transform the way people invest in cryptocurrency.

What Does

Ember Fund


Ember Fund has created a unique app that uses their institutional fund management expertise and technology to help users invest in cryptocurrency. They’ve partnered with top cryptocurrency experts to construct their funds.

Users of the app have the ability to fund their digital wallet using their bank account, by sending Bitcoin, or by linking a Coinbase account. They can then use one-tap investing to quickly and easily make investments, and Ember Fund’s dedication to offering low minimums makes it possible for individuals to invest on a smaller level than traditional hedge funds.

Ember Fund offers non-custodial investing, which allows users to retain control of their own assets. Transactions are done on-chain so users can track trade and transactions so they know exactly what’s happening. EmberFund offers their expertise and a smart order routing system to search over 8 exchanges for the best rates and rebalance entire portfolios with just a tap of a button.

What Can

Ember Fund

Do For You?

If you’d like to start investing in cryptocurrency, Ember Fund makes it easy! You can download the app on your iOS or Android device, set up your profile, and then fund your wallet by making a deposit. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be ready to start investing!  

Ember Fund offers some significant benefits. They offer low minimums to make it easy for you to get started at a level that makes you comfortable. They’re non-custodial, which means you retain your assets rather than having the company retain them. You can also liquidate your portfolio quickly and easily. That gives you the ability to know that you own your own assets and are in control of them.

Ember Fund is dedicated to protecting your security and privacy. Your wallet will be protected with state-of-the-art security, and your data is fully encrypted so only you can access it. Ember does not store any of your information. Their Zero Knowledge architecture ensures that even if the app were hacked, none of your sensitive data would be available for a hacker to steal. You can rest easy knowing that when you invest with Ember Fund, your data is safe and secure.

How Can You Get Involved

If you have questions about Ember Fund and how it can help you start investing in cryptocurrency, click here to see a list of resources on their website. You’ll find answers to frequently asked questions and learn what sets Ember Fund apart from other mobile apps.

Ready to start investing in cryptocurrency with Ember Fund? Download the app onto your mobile device now and sign up! You’ll be able to quickly and easily set up your wallet and start investing with just the tap of your finger. Download the app and get started today!

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