Soar Robotics

A cloud-based robotics company that turns drones into fully automated robots for a variety of industrial applications

Who is

Soar Robotics


Soar Robotics was founded in 2019 by Kerem Ozkan and Deniz Kalaslioglu. They’ve created a cloud-connected robotic intelligence platform that makes drones and other aerial vehicles into smart, autonomous robots. These robots can then automate the work of humans in industrial applications without needing a human pilot, a remote control, or intensive post-processing software solutions.

What Does

Soar Robotics


Soar Robotics has developed a cloud-connected robotic intelligence platform that turns drones into fully autonomous robots in just two hours. Flight, data collection, battery recharge, and data processing can all be automated so tasks are completed quickly and efficiently while drastically reducing labor costs.

Once a drone has been automated, operators can periodically assign it tasks. The drone will then perform its mission and provide data from the site. Once it has completed the task, the data is processed and the user receives actionable insights.

The Soar Robotics technology is available for more than 70% of the drones that are currently on the market, so many companies that are already using drones are primed to take advantage of the platform. Soar Robotics is currently being used in many industries, including solar energy, security, agriculture, and construction.

What Can

Soar Robotics

Do For You?

If you work in an industry that utilizes drones or have people doing jobs that could be done by a fully automated drone, Soar Robotics can have a huge impact on the way you work. In just two hours, Soar Robotics can provide a fully automated drone that can perform tasks without requiring a human pilot or a remote control.

These automated drones have a variety of uses that can be beneficial in many different industries. They can track progress on construction projects, provide aerial monitoring for security purposes, detect changes or defects in infrastructure, and more. Many of these tasks are labor-intensive, and by automating them, Soar Robotics can help you:

·     Reduce labor costs by more than 80%

·     Hire fewer technical personnel in challenging jobs and environments

·     Manage industrial zones 24/7 remotely 

·     Maximize revenues in industrial applications

By using Soar Robotics’ cloud-based platform, you can revolutionize the way you do business while reducing your costs overall.

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Interested in using Soar Robotics’ unique robotic intelligence platform to automate drones in your industry? Click here to visit their website! You’ll be able to request information about their products, services, and more. Soar Robotics can help revolutionize the way you do business, so visit their website today!

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