A mobile battery company that offers unique advertising for companies through branded powerbanks and a robust network of venues

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CHRGR creates customized, advertiser-branded powerbanks and distributes them throughout their network of hotels, bars, clubs, music venues, and gyms. Venues give them to customers for free, and advertisers can include promo codes to drive visits to their websites, mobile app downloads, and more. CHRGR was founded by John Mullin and Lucas Hearl with the goal of providing advertising opportunities for businesses and a high-quality phone-charging option for people who are on the go.

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CHRGR creates customized, advertiser-sponsored mobile batteries. They provide them to their network of hotels, bars, clubs, music venues, and gyms at no cost to the venues. Venues then distribute them to customers for free, offering the ability to charge their phones on the go and keep the battery even when they’ve finished charging. CHRGR powerbanks can charge most Apple and Android devices, and users can enjoy 100 plus charging cycles from each unit.

For marketers, CHRGR offers valuable advertising opportunities. Each CHRGR powerbank can be branded and feature custom URLs for app downloads, videos, and geotargeted mobile content and offers. NFC, RFID,SMS, and Scan Code technologies can be used to drive sales, increase engagement, and more. CHRGR offers engagement analytics on an online dashboard so advertisers can track how their powerbanks are performing.

CHRGR is the leading battery provider in the US festival market and has a robust network of venues and customers, including LiveNation, Lyft, Instagram, and Red Bull.

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Do For You?

CHRGR offers a unique marketing opportunity for advertisers.Most people find themselves needing a phone charger from time to time, especially when they’re away from home at bars, music festivals, and even the gym. CHRGR will allow you to put your branding on mobile batteries that will then be distributed to their network for customers to use. You can use promo codes to get the most out of your advertisements by driving sales and increasing engagement. You can also order customized powerbanks for events and to give out as gifts. It’s the perfect way to put your branding right into people’s hands.

For venues, partnering with CHRGR will allow you to hand out chargers to your customers at no cost. This gives you the opportunity to provide an essential service in an easy way and ensure that your customers are able to stay and enjoy themselves for a longer time.

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If you’re interested in customizing your own powerbanks to distribute at events or offer as gifts, you can learn more about CHRGR, get a custom quote, or get a sample here. This is the perfect way to offer more value to your customers and step up your branding game, so take advantage of what CHRGR can do for you!

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