Skunk Brothers Spirits, Inc.

A family-run craft distillery creating unique spirits with high-quality, local ingredients

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Skunk Brothers Spirits, Inc.


Skunk Brothers Spirits is a family-run craft distillery in Washington. They create unique, high-quality spirits including brandy, whiskey, and bourbon. Skunk Brothers Spirits was started by family members Scott andJamie Donoho, and they take their inspiration from their grandfather’s prohibition-era moonshine recipe.

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Skunk Brothers Spirits, Inc.


Skunk Brothers Spirits uses high-quality, locally grown ingredients from the Pacific Northwest to create unique craft spirits.

Skunk Brothers Spirits is currently offering the following spirits:

·     Smoke Jumper Bourbon: a sweet and smoky bourbon with notes of toffee, vanilla, earthy peat, light ginger, and a touch of white pepper

·     Apple Pie Brandy: a unique apple brandy blended with Washington apple cider, honey, brown sugar, cinnamon, clove, and more

·     Cinnamon Corn Whiskey: a spicy, sweet cinnamon corn whiskey with a smooth, tangy finish

·     Moonshine Corn Whiskey: a classic, hand-crafted moonshine whiskey with a buttery sweet flavor

In addition to their current product offerings, SkunkBrothers Spirits also has plans to create gin, vodka, and seasonal fruit brandies in the future.

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Skunk Brothers Spirits, Inc.

Do For You?

If you’re a fan of unique, high-quality spirits, Skunk Brothers Spirits is perfect for you! Skunk Brothers Spirits is a family-run craft distillery inspired by their grandfather’s moonshine recipe from the prohibition-era, so when you order their spirits, you’ll get to enjoy a unique twist on classic liquors. Right now, you can order bourbon, whiskey, and brandy from Skunk Brothers Spirits. In the future, Skunk Brothers Spirits will put their unique spin on other classic spirits, such as gin, vodka, and seasonal fruit brandies.

In addition to selling spirits, Skunk Brothers Spirits has also created the Barrel Club. Joining the Barrel Club comes with a wide variety of benefits, including a 3-year membership to tasting rooms, free tastings, personal recognition, and even an invitation to help cook your own batch of bourbon with Skunk Brother Spirits. If you’re passionate about spirits, you’ll love being part of the Barrel Club!

How Can You Get Involved

There are a few ways you can get involved with Skunk Brothers Spirits. If you’d like to place an order for one of their delicious spirits, you can do so on their website here! You’ll love their dedication to quality and local ingredients.

You can also join the Barrel Club, which offers unique benefits for passionate spirits aficionados. To learn more about the Barrel Club, click here!

Finally, Skunk Brothers Spirits is currently offering investment opportunities! If you’d like to support a family-run craft distillery that creates unique, high-quality spirits, this is a great opportunity. Click here to learn more about investing in Skunk Brothers Spirits!

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