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Cloudastructure is a company that provides cloud-controlled physical infrastructure, including video surveillance, artificial intelligence, and access control, to enterprises. Cloudastructure was founded by Rick Bentley to create secure and reliable solutions for companies in need of high-quality security systems.

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Cloudastructure creates cloud-controlled video surveillance and access control to companies seeking to secure their buildings. They work in five areas: Cloud Video Surveillance, Cloud Video Recorder, Cloud Access Control, Cloud Door Controller, and Artificial Intelligence. Their systems are scalable, so they can be used to control a single building or to secure an entire campus.

In the video surveillance world, Cloudastructure is unique in their use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Their Tagger program assigns tags for the objects seen in videos to make them easily searchable. In the future, they’ll offer facial recognition so owners can quickly and easily search for their employees as well as for unknown visitors on their campuses. Cloudastructure believes the future of video surveillance is here, and they’re excited to be at the forefront of the movement.

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Do For You?

If you’re an enterprise looking to keep your buildings secure, Cloudastructure offers cloud-based solutions that are easy to implement and easy to use.

Video surveillance is one of Cloudastructure’s most defining solutions. You can take advantage of their Tagger technology, which generates tags for the object it detects in videos. That makes it easy to search by tag to find exactly what you’re looking for. You can also use your smartphone as your access to the building, making it easy to lock and unlock doors with the touch of a button.

Cloudastructure’s systems are IT secure, with no holes in the firewall or open ports, so you can feel completely confident in their security. And because everything is stored in the cloud rather than on-site, all of your data will be safe and secure no matter what’s going on at your building.

Cloudastructure offers monthly, quarterly, and annual plans, with discounts associated with the quarterly and annual plans, so you can find the perfect fit for you.

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Ready to make your dreams of high-quality cloud-based surveillance a reality? Cloudastructure makes it easy! You can visit their website here. You’ll find information about their solutions, and you can request a free estimate and even a demo of Cloudastructure’s services. Video surveillance and access control has never been more important for enterprises, so get started today!

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