An innovative company developing advanced rotary engines that are powerful, efficient, and compact

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LiquidPiston is a Connecticut-based company that develops advanced rotary engines based on the company’s patented thermodynamic cycle and engine architecture. It was founded by Alexander and Nikolay Shkolnik with a mission to redesign the traditional internal combustion engine and develop an improved, efficient, and powerful alternative.

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LiquidPiston develops compact, powerful, quiet, efficient, low-vibration, multi-fuel capable combustion engines that are scalable from 1 HP to over 1000 HP. Their X engine is a landmark, non-Wankel rotary engine that has few parts and uses three combustion events per rotor revolution for significant power density.

LiquidPiston’s efficient, powerful engines are developed using their patented High Efficiency Hybrid Cycle (HEHC) technology, which is 30% more efficient than the gasoline and diesel cycles used in most internal combustion engines. The cycle includes the following elements:

·     Compression: For maximum efficiency, air is compressed to a high compression ratio. Fuel is injected and compression ignited(CI-HEHC).

·     A dwell near top-dead-center forces combustion to occur at nearly constant-volume conditions.

·     Combustion products are over-expanded using a larger expansion volume than compression volume, as in the Atkinson Cycle.

·     Cycle-skipping power modulation allows high efficiencies at low power settings while simultaneously cooling the engine’s walls internally and providing partial heat recovery.

·     Water may be injected to internally cool the engine. Some of this cooling energy is recuperated as the water turns to steam, increasing the chamber pressure.

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Do For You?

LiquidPiston is poised to revolutionize the internal combustion engine industry with their compact, powerful X engine. While their engines are currently in development and are not yet available for purchase, LiquidPiston’s innovative technology can have an impact on your life!

Once LiquidPiston’s engines are available on the market, they’ll be much lighter than traditional internal combustion engines. They’re also quieter, lower-vibration, and more efficient. That means rather than a loud, bulky, and inefficient engine, you’ll be able to power your machinery smoothly and effectively. The LiquidPiston technology has the potential to change the internal combustion engine industry forever!

How Can You Get Involved

LiquidPiston’s engines are in development and are not yet available for purchase. That said, you can visit LiquidPiston’s website to learn more about their revolutionary engines and how they work. You’ll find everything from basic overviews to in-depth technical papers. Take a few minutes to visit their website here and learn how LiquidPiston is poised to shake up the engine industry!

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