A childcare service that makes it easy for parents to book great babysitters on demand

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Nanno is a childcare service that connects parents with vetted babysitters on demand. It was founded in 2016 by Liz Oertle and Desi McAdam, two moms who envisioned an easier way for busy parents to book great babysitters quickly and easily. Nanno has since grown to have thousands of babysitters available nationwide.

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Nanno helps parents find dedicated, reliable babysitters on demand. They’ve created a platform with a community of thousands of babysitters nationwide. In the platform, parents can request a sitter with the time, place, and number of kids that need care. Babysitters in the area will then be notified, and the first one who accepts will automatically be booked. Once the sitter has reached out to confirm the details and the booking is finalized, payment will be processed through Nanno.

Nanno carefully vets each of their babysitters at no cost to parents or the sitters themselves. Each babysitter undergoes an in-depth background check, and Nanno also goes through their financial and personal history to ensure they’re reliable and trustworthy. Next, candidates are given a behavioral profiling test to detect any tendencies toward untrustworthy actions.Finally, they take the Nanno Caregiver Test to ensure they have the skills necessary to take care of children. Once a candidate satisfactorily fulfills all of these requirements, they’re able to join the platform.

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Do For You?

If you’re a busy parent in need of high-quality, safe, and reliable childcare, Nanno is perfect for you! Nanno makes it easy to book babysitters on demand, and their rigorous vetting process ensures that their caregivers are well-qualified to take care of your children. Nanno can help you with childcare in many scenarios, including the following:

·     In-home, informal care

·     Travel care

·     Recurring care

·     Place-of-worship care

·     Event care

If you’re a babysitter, Nanno is a great way to find new families to sit for. Signing up is free and easy, and once you’re on the platform, you’ll be notified of jobs in your area. If you’re the first one to accept, the job is yours! This makes it simple to find work in your area.

How Can You Get Involved

Whether you’re looking to join Nanno as a babysitter or as a parent looking for childcare, you can do so through their website here. You’ll find all of the information you’re looking for, from details about how the service works to a close look at the vetting process each babysitter goes through. Nanno is a great option for both parents and caregivers, so sign up today!

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