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A revolutionary renewable energy storage company developing efficient, cost-effective vanadium flow batteries

Who is

StorEn Technologies


StorEn Technologies develops evolutionary vanadium flow batteries that store the energy generated by renewable energy sources. It was founded by Carlo Brovero and Angelo D’Anzi with a mission to take the benefits of vanadium batteries and make them more efficient and cost-effective. By storing renewable energy more efficiently, StorEn Technologies can help reduce emissions and protect the environment.

What Does

StorEn Technologies


StorEn Technologies uses years of research and development to develop vanadium flow batteries that are efficient, long-lasting, and cost-effective. They do so by improving the electrical efficiency of the stack, the energy density of the electrolyte, and the module. The result is a powerful, durable, and cost-effective battery that boasts a life of 25 years and 15,000 cycles.

StorEn Technologies batteries can be utilized in homes, for industrial use, and in the telecom industry. In residences, the battery is charged during the day using solar panels. At night, the battery then uses that energy to power the house. In industrial uses, StorEn Technologies batteries store energy from renewable sources and then deliver that energy when production starts to fall below energy consumption. And for the telecom industry, StorEn Technologies has developed a unique battery that charges from the grid and provides a backup energy supply to ensure they always have power.

What Can

StorEn Technologies

Do For You?

Whether you’re looking to store energy from solar panels at your house, renewable sources at an industrial site, or as a backup energy source at a telecom data center, StorEn Technologies is an ideal energy storage solution.

At your home, StorEn Technologies will charge during the day using solar panels and then power your house at night. Your home battery can even recharge when energy costs are low and then supply that energy when costs are high, saving you a significant amount on your utilities bill. Using their batteries in industrial use or the telecom industry can also reduce costs and ensure you have plenty of energy to get the job done.  

Of course, you’ll probably want to make sure your battery is going to last a long time. StorEn Technologies batteries have lives of 25 years and 15,000 cycles! And because vanadium flow batteries are safe, non-flammable, and non-explosive, you can feel comfortable using them in your home or for industrial or telecom purposes.

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Ready to learn more about how StorEn Technologies can make your home, industrial site, or telecom center more energy-efficient? Click here to visit their website! You’ll find information about how their technology works, their philosophy, and their products. This is an incredible opportunity to embrace energy efficiency and lower your costs, so check it out today!

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