A wearable technology company that uses sonar to help people who are visually impaired navigate safely

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Sunu creates wearable technology that uses radar and augmented reality to help people who are visually impaired navigate safely. Sunu was founded in 2013 by Marco Trujillo and Fernando Albertorio, who wanted to create a discreet way for visually impaired people to walk and travel with confidence.

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Sunu has created a wearable band that uses sonar to help wearers navigate around obstacles. The Sunu band emits a high-frequency sound that bounces off of objects nearby and vibrates to alert the wearer as they get closer to them. It’s designed to be used in conjunction with a cane or a guide dog as a discreet way to increase awareness and safety.

The Sunu band also offers other benefits in addition to the sonar sensor. Through their mobile app, the Sunu band settings can be adjusted to raise or lower the vibration intensity and customize the sonar sensitivity based on their preferences. Wearers can use the Sunu band to tell the time and set alarms using vibrations, and it’s also equipped with an activity tracker and a compass for navigation.

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Do For You?

If you or a loved one are visually impaired, Sunu can have a huge impact on your life. The Sunu band is a discreet way to navigate around obstacles and allow you to explore the world safely. When you wear it, it will alert you through vibrations that increase in frequency as you get closer to objects to help you avoid collisions.

The Sunu band is easy to use, and through its mobile app, you can customize the vibration intensity and sonar sensitivity so it’s perfect for you. It even has a compass for navigation so you can explore new areas. By using a Sunu band, you can walk and travel safely and independently. It’s the perfect way to feel more confident as you navigate the world!

How Can You Get Involved

If you want to order a Sunu band of your own, you can do so on Sunu’s website here. It’s an incredible way to increase your mobility in a discreet way, so place your order today!

If you’d like to support Sunu in their mission, you can make an investment here. This is an incredible opportunity to support a company that helps countless people navigate and connect with the world, so consider making an investment!

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