A SaaS company offering a unique, intuitive workflow program to help teams complete projects effectively

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Tallyfy is a SaaS company that has created a consistent, reliable workflow program to help teams collaborate effectively and efficiently. Their system automates workflows and is easy and intuitive to use. Tallyfy was founded by Amit Kothari, Pravina Pindoria, and Thomas Palumbo in 2014. Today, Tallyfy has helped thousands of customers in a variety of industries.

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Tallyfy’s workflow system makes it easy for companies to automate their processes and procedures so everyone works together effectively. Users can create a blueprint of repeatable processes and then launch workflows using that blueprint. Tallyfy’s dashboard then makes it easy for everyone to visually track progress for the different tasks needed to complete the project, cutting down on unnecessary emails and meetings.

To enhance efficient teamwork, Tallyfy can require everyone assigned a project to complete the task to ensure everyone is on the same page. Their comment system offers the option to indicate whether something is an issue or not so problems don’t get lost in a sea of comments. Users can also create “if this, then that” scenarios to cut down on irrelevant tasks.

To help customers find the right solution for their team, Tallyfy offers these options:

·     Tallyfy Docs: improves training process by documenting playbooks, how-to’s, and operations manuals

·     Tallyfy Basic: assigns tasks, digitizes forms and approval tasks, and tracks the progress of many jobs

·     Tallyfy Pro: automates decisions with rules, offers approval workflows and smart views, and allows custom branding and controls

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Do For You?

If you want to make your team’s workflows more effective, efficient, and reliable, Tallyfy is for you!

Tallyfy makes it easy to take your processes and turn them into a workflow that’s intuitive to use. You can set up automated tasks and create “if this, then that” scenarios to ensure every task in the system is relevant to the project. Anyone on your team can track progress through the dashboard, and as tasks are completed, everyone can sign off on it to cut down on unnecessary emails and meetings. And with an intuitive accept/reject option, it takes just one click to let everyone know when a task is finished and approved.

Every team is unique, so Tallyfy offers three different options: Tallyfy Docs, Tallyfy Basic, and Tallyfy Pro. That means you can choose the right solution for your team’s needs. No matter what industry you work in, Tallyfy can help your entire team collaborate quickly, easily, and effectively.

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Ready to take your team’s workflow processes to the next level? Visit Tallyfy’s website here! You’ll find information about the different options they offer, details about how the platform works, and read how Tallyfy’s customers are using their workflows in their businesses. Sign up today to put your team on the path to success!

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