A global platform providing software solutions for companies who trade recyclable materials

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Tradefox is a global platform that provides software solutions to companies in the recycling industry. It was founded by Chris Yerbey with a mission to make trading recyclable materials easier. By eliminating market inefficiencies and creating new channels for communication, Tradefox has become an ideal platform for companies buying and selling materials in the recycling industry.

What Does



Tradefox offers software solutions to companies that buy, sell, or broker recyclable materials. Customers get unlimited access to company details for thousands of companies in the recycling industry to make trading easier.

Through the Tradefox platform, users can:

·     View trade analytics and business reports for more than 110,000 companies worldwide

·     Stay updated on the industry

·     Enjoy secure group messaging

To discover new trade lanes, Tradefox helps customers find trustworthy partners with a robust search engine. Users can narrow their search by location, material, industry association, and more. Tradefox also offers Trade Reputation Reports that provide insight on other companies’ trustworthiness and reliability. Users can then find contact information or contact leads directly through Tradefox to make communication easy and efficient.

What Can


Do For You?

If you work in the recycling industry, Tradefox’s software solutions can help make trading much easier. Through their platform, you can enjoy unlimited access to company details for more than 110,000 companies in the industry. You’ll be able to narrow your search by location, material, or industry association to find new partners.

Once you’ve discovered a potential new trading lane, you can view trade analytics and business reports to ensure that any companies you’re considering working with are trustworthy. Tradefox will then help youcommunicate by allowing you to contact them directly through the platform or by providing their contact information. It’s the perfect way to broaden your network and make trading recyclable materials easier than ever.

How Can You Get Involved

If you buy, sell, or broker recyclable materials and want to use Tradefox to make trading easier, you can get started on their website here.

Tradefox is also offering investment opportunities. If you want to support Tradefox in their mission to make scrap metal trading easier, consider making an investment here!

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